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On Line Services

Features of the Local Paying Agent service

Banca Sella Holding today is the local Paying Agent in Italy and Agent taking care of the offer in Italy of a relevant number of investment funds authorized to the distribution in Italy (see list).

See below the detailed list of activities performed within this service:

Payment and tax agency

  • Collection and delivery of payments to the investment funds and subscribers
  • Distribution of dividends to subscribers
  • Payment of subscription fees to the distributor
  • Withholding agent (withholding tax)

Handling of orders

  • Transactions bookkeeping (subscriptions, redemptions, switches, transfers)
  • Subscribers' Book (personal data)
  • Bulk order forwarding to the investment fund on own name on behalf of the investors
  • Confirmation of orders to the distributors and subscribers (possibly customized)
  • Management of scheduled order plans (subscriptions, redemption and switch)
  • Management of corporate events (shareholders' meeting calls miscellaneous communication to shareholders etc.)
  • FundWay On Line - INTERNET information section available to distributors to:
    • View analytical and aggregate data
    • View transactions, balances and statistical data
    • Display the distributor contract notes
  • " FundWay On Line - INTERNET operatin section available to distributors to:
    • Input subscription, redemption and switch orders
    • Input of scheduled order plans
    • Download of distributor contract notes
  • Delivery of end of year statement
  • Statistical data for the distributor