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On Line Services

FundWay On Line

Fundway On Line is the web operative section of Banca Sella Holding for business to business needs.

FundWay On Line can be accessed by FundWay users only.

Functions available

Informative Section to:

  • View analytical and aggregate data
  • View transaction, balances and statistical data
  • Display contract notes.

Operative Section to:

  • Input of subscription, redemptions and switches orders
  • Input scheduled orders (accumulation plans), redemptions and switches

What is FundWay On Line for?

The fund distributor and the institutional investor who join FundWay On Line shall in real time:

  • Get an alternative channel to forward order
  • Check the status of orders sent
  • Have the real time picture of the overall orders
  • Select and display orders based on different search criteria
  • View the balances for each subscriber
  • Display the overall positions of the distributor/institutional investor

How much does FundWay On Line cost?

The service is made available to users free of charge

How is it activated?

In order to activate the service it is necessary to sign a contract with Banca Sella Holding.